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Juice Boost is an E-liquid additive for any E-liquid. It can be added to any bottle size, the options are endless. It comes in a new unique ‘airless’ dispensing bottle guaranteeing every last drop is dispensed with no residue left in the bottle. CBD Juice Boost comes in 5 strength options from 500mg to 4000mg CBD content.

Each 15ml bottle dispenses the liquid in 0.3ml pumps, with an average of 45 – 48 pumps per bottle. The guide below outlines the amount of CBD liquid expressed per pump, allowing you to accurately work out how much CBD you would like to add to your e-liquid.

500mg CBD content  = 11.1mg per pump

1000mg CBD content = 22.2mg per pump

2000mg CBD content = 44.4mg per pump

3000mg CBD content = 66.6mg per pump

4000mg CBD content = 88.8mg per pump

All Strengths in 100% PG Base